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Dynacord Mixer PowerMate 2200-3 مكسر صوت الماني مع باور من ديناكورد 22 لاقط مع برامج الصدى المميزة مناسب للجوامع والمناسبات

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الشركة : Dynacord دينا كورد
النوع : PM2200-3

مكسر صوت بقوة 2000وات مع22 مدخل لاقط مع كثير من برامج الصدى المميزة مناسب للجوامع والمناسبات



  • Intuitive mixer section: 22 input channels with 18 Mic/Line, 4 Mic/Stereo-Line
  • Very powerful amplifier (2 x 1.000W/4Ω, 2 x 1.350/2,7Ω) with sophisticated protections.
  • 2 High-Quality FX processors, editable with 100 factory and 20 user presets
  • Professional 4x4 24-bit/96kHz USB interface, recording software and MIDI interface for FX control
  • Stereo EQ for the main mix
  • First-class components ( e.g. ALPS faders and potentiometers)
  • Large, contrast rich OLED display
  • Lightweight (18kg), compact package
  • MIC/LINE Input Channels
  • Stereo MIC/LINE Input Channels
  • Master
  • Digital USB 2.0 4x4 Audio Interface
  • Professional Effects, OLED Display and Processing Menus
  • Processing Menu
  • Professional Class-D High-Performance Power Amplifiers
  • Innovative Solution for Protection and Transportation

The PM2200-3 is the largest model of compact powered mixers with a total output of more than 2,000 watts. It is by far the most powerful and best equipped compact powered mixer on the market, at only 17kg! With its very lavish feature set and exemplary versatility it is the ideal choice for all professional applications in which few channels yet very high audio quality are required.

Performance without compromises

The most powerful, complete powered mixer. Unique. PM2200-3

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